How to earn money Uc News Publisher?

UC News and other blogging platforms are getting popular these days. UC News is a mobile application. As is Dailyhunt and News Republic. But it is important to have a website to write news in the Dailyhunt. To become a UC News Publisher, you must login to the website called UC we Media. And you can earn millions of rupees by writing blog yourself. 

uc news publisher,uc news earning publisher in hindi
uc news publisher

Become like this UC News Publisher

  • To write a UC news blog, you must sign up for UC News We Media. Google search for mp.ucweb
uc news earning publisher in hindi
uc news earning publisher in hindi
  • The we media official account in the first number of Google search results. Click on it.
  • Click on sign up, to create an account in UC news. After that, the Create an account page will open.
  • To become a UC News Producer sign up like this ..
  • Fill your email ID in the email box.
  • Select the Strong Password for those media sign-ups in the password box.
  • Example Asjdj @ 012, sjjDk # 039 etc.
  • In the Confirm Password, the password must be copied.
  • Do not put anything in the UC News Invitation Code. Leave it empty.
  • In the section containing verification, there are some codes on the right side. Which you fill in the verification box.
uc news earning publisher in hindi
uc news earning publisher in hindi
  • Before clicking on the continuous action of the sign-up, click on the has read and accept. Read UC News Term and Condition once, so that there will be no problem in putting UC news monetization and those media production articles.
  • Click the Continue button.
  • Email Verification.
  • In account information, you have to enter the logo, name and PAN card for your UC News login account. Cautiously fill those
  • Account status is the last step. After paying all the things carefully, go to the Last Account section. A few days are spoken for weights.
uc news earning publisher in hindi
uc news earning publisher in hindi

How to write Hindi articles in UC news?

To sign in to UC News this work
At the top stage, how would you sign up for UC news? After verification of the account, you are on the direct UC News login portal. Where to enter email ID and password After this, put the verification code. Then click on Login.

  • UC News is the most widely read in Hindi. So, there is a good knowledge of Hindi then become a UC News Publisher in Hindi. Step by Step is explained.
  • After logging in to UC News we Media, according to the number given in the photo, first click on the post.
uc news earning publisher in hindi
uc news earning publisher in hindi

Clicking the UC News Dashboard Writing Articles will open In which, insert the title of the article on the number 2.

Title must have less than 90 words

Third is the body of the article. Write the UC News Hindi article on this place. Keep in mind that the length of article articles should be at least 500 words.

When writing articles in UC news, use at least three images. Because 3 FEATURES images will make the post retractive so that UC can get more views in the news.


Before selecting the fourth number, you must use the category and feature image. Then click on the fourth number as per the instructions. After that publish the article.


UC News Producer Keeps Of These Things

Keep in mind, check once before writing the article. Because Adult and vulgar will make your post offline. So that your we media account may be in danger.


Add more than Word posts. Because the compression has increased, so the quality will give more views.


Earning from UC News is a creative mind. Because copy paste will not allow you to run for a long time.


The earnings of Star Bloggers of UC News are millions of rupees. so try. Put original and activity posts because making money from UC News is now difficult.


The we media program is like the exact YouTube. But in YouTube you make money by putting video. While posting a post in UC we Media In India, there are more platforms like we Media, which comes with the name of we Media, such as and Rojbuzz.


How much is earning from UC news?

At the moment, Earning News has become difficult. Because many extravagant people strengthened the rules of the media. Because of which now it will have to work hard. Because of the increase in the compaction, now UC we Media blogger gets less traffic. But if you work everyday and keep posting you can earn millions of rupees.


UC News has established its own blogging platform in India and Indonesia only. Therefore, people from other countries can not make money from this we Media platform.


Make this work for UC News Monetization

uc news earning publisher in hindi

  •  UC News account is at least 7 days old.

  • There should be more than 1000 views in one article.

  • There should be at least 1,000+ followers in the we media account.

  • The index point of UC News Producer must be 40 or more.

  • Your UC media account must have a credit point of 80 or more.

  • How to increase the UC news index points and credit points?

The index point of UC we Media relies on 5 things.


  • Quality
  • Influence
  • Interactive
  • Professionalism
  • Activation

See photos for more information.


uc news earning publisher in hindi


To increase credit point, there must be some attention to the following.



UC WE Media Producer Avoid fake and vulgar things. Only then will your account be secured. Because your account will be suspended if credit point zero. This happens when the rules of UC we Media are violated.



In this way, get the UC News Producer Credit Point again.


uc news earning publisher in hindi


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